• Video: Believe in Yourself – You’ll win the Game of Life!

    May 1, 2018

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    Do you believe in yourself?

    Life - YES! - that same very life that you live on a daily basis. That job that you have, the 8-5, the 8-8, whatever it may be. The title, the engineer, the accountant, the financial advisor, the .... The business owner, whatever the title may be. That is a story, that life is a story. If you can realize this, that your life is a particular story that you have told yourself, meaning this. 

    Think about your life. You went to college, you graduated with a degree in a such-and-such, and once you graduated with a degree in such-and-such, you updated your resume saying, "Hey, I graduated with a degree in such-and-such, this is my experience. These are the projects that I've worked on, et cetera." You have put the energy out there that you are such-and-such, "Hey, come hire me." Oh, and you'll go up to your LinkedIn profile too, "Come hire me. This is who I am."

    And when you do that, within days, energy will come back to you. You'll get some responses. The universe will respond to you saying, "Hey, you put this energy out there, I'm gonna put something your way, and something will come across your way." You'll get lead, you'll get a tip, something will come across in the form of a message from somewhere. Email, LinkedIn, whatever the source may be. Facebook. And you're gonna make progress. And you're gonna take action on that, and you moving, keep moving forward. 

    That is the story you are creating. Think about that. You just created a story that you are a particular type of graduate, and now you have attracted that, and it came to you. Once you get the job, now that's who you become.

    Now you keep talking about this is who I am, this is who I am, this who I am, with everyone you meet. You go out with your friends, you tell them, "Oh, this is what I do. I work for this company." You keep manifesting it. This is adding to your story. Now you realize that you have created your story based on who you are, what you do, on a day-to-day basis.

    You don't talk about the wife, you don't talk about the dog that you own, you don't talk about any of that. The first thing you talk about is your work. Anywhere you go. First time you're introduced someone, it's always a conversation about what do you do. You always talk about, this is what do you do, is equated to who are you, what is your story, what do you do, where do you work for. That's essential what your story is.

    If you can realize that if you understand what your story completely is, everything life about who you are, then now you have complete control, and you can be the creator. You can start creating your story. You can start changing your story which way you want, so that your highest purpose is served. 

    Not talking about selfish purpose, talking about purpose for the highest good of everyone, not just yourself. You see, this is when you become the creator, when you are consciously creating your story. This is when you become God. 

    Now imagine this, if I tell you today, you can believe, if you believe that you are worth twice as much as you are right now, if you utterly and completely believe that, right now, today, or in the next week, or in the next month, if you keep repeating it to yourself, that this who I am and I am worth twice as more as this. I guarantee you, once you believe it, and once you put the energy out there that this is who you are, and you show it on your resume, and you prove that you are worth twice as much as you currently are. 

    Then guess what. Something is going to come your way and you're gonna get that. I've tried this out with many, many, many, many people. Even my wife, and it's worked. You just have to believe in yourself, that you are worth it. You have to believe it, then you can make anyone else believe it. I guarantee you that.

    Love and Abundance to you!