The Eternal Conflict Within the Bored Mind

Mindset of Abundance

June 4th, 2017:

I was extremely frustrated today. The frustration arose upon analyzing the progress of the book that I am currently writing.


The frustration stems from the distraction away from the book, my slow pace in writing and researching, and a lack of direction.

It comes from a lack of patience in reaching my goals. The frustration comes from a place where I am bombarded with phone calls, messages, emails from the whole world. The frustration arises from spending and dedicating most of this past weekend on my wife’s plans as opposed to mine. I also have many ideas for the direction for this book, so a clear vision was lacking.

The latter being the real reason behind my frustrations, but it was manifesting in other forms as time management and discrepancy in plans. Instead of acknowledging the real reason behind my frustrations, I blame it on not having enough time because too much time was spent on leisurely activities of this past weekend, which I acknowledge as necessary to replenish our energy, recharge our bodies and refresh our minds.

Regardless my mind was at a conflict today, fighting between two visions. The reality – how things currently are vs. the final – how I want things to be in the future. The lack of patience in getting to my goals and in achieving this final vision created the conflict over the past weekend and has been building up since.

The view of my mind is of impatience and laziness – that I want to achieve all my goals right now, without having to put in the work. Because my mind believes that I am short of time, my mind operates from Scarcity. This is an important distinction.

The Scarcity Mindset states that I don’t have enough of a particular thing, time, in this case, and thus I become reactive, play catch up and increase inherent frustration. As frustration builds up, it clouds my mind and causes boredom. So to relieve myself of boredom, I spend a better part of the day watching movies and videos. Even though, I know what I wanted to write about, I was spending it on other tasks, seemingly more interesting than the current task.

However, I didn’t find a movie, a TV show, or music that would satisfy my current needs. So frustration builds further. At the end of the day, my mind has fallen down the rabbit hole of boredom; it’s more bored than it has ever been before.

Until it erupts. Like today.

The message from today is: Be patient. Your life will transform only if the work is put in; the work to remove fears, limitations, and boundaries from our minds and to have the willpower and resilience to push through perceived obstacles.

If you know your life is going to change, it will manifest soon. Have the patience to let the Universe naturally and organically push you into a new life. It may be different than the vision you have imagined for your life, but just as magnificent or even more so.

Think Abundance!


Have you had instances when you knew or later found out that the Universe is working for you, in your favor? 

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