What is The Mindset of Abundance?

How vast is the universe?

The Ultimate Spiritual level is Abundance – abundance in mind and heart.


Your heart’s natural state is Abundance. Your mind’s natural state is Abundance.

However, over the years, experiences, specifically negative events, have caused the space within our hearts to close in to avoid more pain and our minds to create boundaries that limit us from achieving maximum potential. As we go through more negative situations, our minds build stories around these events to be able to grasp their nature and make sense of the world. The stories repeat itself within, implanting itself in the subconscious and manifesting in other aspects of our lives.

As the stories play and replay deep down in our subconscious, our lives take a turn for the worse, which leads to more pain and suffering. As pain builds, our hearts, unaccustomed to this new sensation, creates a barrier between itself and the pain; it constricts the space within. Suffering also increases, which creates chaos in the mind. To prevent feeling this chaos, we create external distractions like the consumption of media and alcohol that momentarily dims our sensations.

And go on to live the rest of our lives in these conditions – a closed heart and a narrow mind filled with fear, limitations, and disempowering beliefs.

This is where the Mindset of Abundance comes in. With a Mindset of Abundance, we arrive at our natural state of Abundance within the mind, which transforms and opens the space within the heart.

So what is the manifestation of a Mindset of Abundance?

  1. An open mind to be receptive to new experiences; an open heart to 'BE' Love in every moment and emanate love from every cell in our body;
  2. A vastness in the mind and open space in the heart to treat each experience and each moment with equal zest;
  3. A knowing in the heart and a 'certainty of uncertainty' in the mind.

These are the roots of an ‘Abundant Life.’ Let’s take the definition one step further.

The Mindset of Abundance is the free flow of energy through the chakras, from the root chakra (on the top of your head) to the feet chakra (soles of your feet); this allows our body to act as a conduit that for the free flow of energy. In this mindset, the energy is pure, pristine and powerful. When in a Mindset of Abundance, the energy that emanates from within and resonates with the external environment is one of Love. The Mindset of Abundance is about consistently and constantly emanating love and giving your pure energy, not just in the moments that are most convenient to you or those moments when someone needs it, but in each and every moment. The Mindset of Abundance is about total integration, complete immersion into becoming your authentic self; it’s the integration into a singular, unified being.

The Mindset of Abundance is a practical, tangible way to become your highest self, serving through your highest potential and becoming your truest, complete and singular self.


What is your understanding of Abundance? How does it serve you in daily life? Do you recognize ways this Mindset can improve your life?

I would love to hear from you…

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